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  • We assist you all the way: From finding the right person to overcoming hurdles after work commencement                                                             
  • Download our free Employment Agreement below!                                      
  • Enjoy a 25% discount when employing 2 domestic workers together             
  • Our clients have been delighted with our work, read some reviews below!      
  • You only pay once you offer a permanent position and get a 100% money back guarantee up to 90 days after work commencement should you not be happy with your employee                                                                         
  • Contact us today for someone to start a trial at your home 

Please note that we will be closed from Monday 29.4.2019 until Monday the 06.05.2019. We are in an area without network coverage and will answer all received messages on Monday the 6th of May. Thanks for understanding

After contacting One Stop Domestic, Nicole, the business owner, will personally get back to you within 24 hours and listen to your domestic requirements as well as unpleasant experiences with previous workers.

Together you identify possible new household team members who can then be contacted for interviews or trial work at your home.

You only pay our once off fee once you have decided to offer a permanent position. All interviews and test trials are free of charge and a free employment agreement can be downloaded below at any time.

For 90 days after work commencement we will exchange your domestic worker(s) if you are not happy with the first one(s), to ensure each household ends up with someone who fits in well. During these 90 days we will refund you in full, should you be unhappy with your employee(s). 

But we still offer more: Should you experience disagreements with your domestic worker at any time, which you think you can't resolve yourself, simply contact us again, even after the 90 day trial period has passed, and we guarantee to help quickly and effectively due to our long years of experience.



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