Thank you for clicking through my homepage.  I am Nicole van der Westhuizen, founder of One Stop Domestic. 

My family lived on a farm in the Karoo. In 2012 we moved to Somerset West and ended up with numerous domestics in one year.  We had it all: Stealing, not reliable on Mondays, always sick, too talkative, ignoring our four children, and the list goes on....

There was nobody who could help us find the right lady. We didn't want to make use of cleaning services but were looking for a lady who would become part of our family.

I realized that good, reliable domestics are much harder to find than I'd thought, not to mention the time and effort required. At the same time I noticed how many unemployed people are out there struggling to make ends meet; great and hard working people without the necessary skills to make themselves visible in the labour market. 

I decided to give some of these people a basic training in domestic work and etiquette, and try to get them in touch with possible employers. And if I would ever come across domestics who wouldn't  fit my requirements to simply remove them from our program and end up with an "army" of great domestics. And so, One Stop Domestic was born. 

Although one can never be 100% sure, we do try our best to place people that will do us proud: reliable, honest workers who'll appreciate the chance to work for somebody in order to earn a steady income and thus be able to care for their families.